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CAAST® is an Ultra High Performance Concrete ( UHPC ) made from a cement-based composite, reinforced with PVA fibers.

CAAST® offers superior strength and durability compared to other building materials. These attributes create a material that is long-lasting and requires minimal maintenance. CAAST® panels are developed and manufactured at our Ancaster, Ontario headquarters.

CAAST is available in 20 standard colors and several custom textures. Custom colors and finishes with the addition of other elements or minerals can help you achieve your unique vision. Samples are available on request.



CAAST Ultra-High Performance concrete is the next evolution of custom design for your next construction project. The inherent properties of CAAST based on a proprietary mix, is unparalleled in performance with infinite possibilities for any design application.


The Spring Valley Team has many years of experience in project management, materials science, and engineering. We can provide an owner, a design team or a construction team with design assistance, product knowledge, and construction details required for their project. 


The highly moldable nature of our technology aids in rendering high quality esthetic details.
We have access to a wide range of profiles and can collaborate on customized solutions.

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Versatile CAAST UCHP that can be used for a wide variety of applications from commercial buildings to public art projects.



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CAAST® Ultra High Performance Concrete (UHPC) technologies have a high degree of strength and weather resistance. The robustness of UHPC comes from a denser matrix that transfers stress very effectively while also restricting water and chemical infiltration with an ultra-low coefficient of permeability.

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