Ultra High-Performance


CAAST® allows design visionaries to create decorative and protective facade elements, latticework, perforated facades and urban furniture that bring innovation to life in a wide range of textures, finishes and colors.

CAAST® can be cast into organic shapes, or cut into clean angles. Its mineral nature allows it to add depth and shadow, or simply blend in.


In addition to their superior impact resistance and leak proofing, thin, lightweight CAAST® envelope elements bring enhanced durability. This means more comfort, with the added advantage of the building envelope’s material efficiency translating into increased leasable floor area and lower operational costs in projects of every kind.

Due to the specific fibers used, along with the packing density of the material, CAAST® Envelope differs from other fiber reinforced solutions by retaining its mechanical performances throughout the full service life of the building.


The high durability, resilience, ductility and low porosity of CAAST® not only results in improved energy efficiency (heat and solar control), but an extended life cycle of up to a possible 100-year service life. That’s almost five times longer than with traditional concrete! Aesthetics are also preserved longer, contributing further to reduced operational costs.

Its light weight and versatility means that off-site manufacturing, combined with an optimized supply chain, contribute to lowering the material’s overall carbon footprint.

When it’s time for a change, CAAST® can be recycled using a very low energy process, wherein the material is ground up – to be used for another day.

Customized Solutions

There’s very little that CAAST® can’t do, and our team can guide you every step of the way in creating almost any sort of element you can think of, including:

  • Tailor-made precast façades
  • Large-scale standardized panels
  • “Brise Soleil” and perforated facades
  • Prefabricated unitized façade systems
  • Urban furniture